Mini-XML 2.2.1 May 18, 2005

Mini-XML 2.2.1 fixes some makefile bugs, changes the load

functions to return NULL on error, and updates the node creation

functions to conform to the documentation.

Changes include:

  • mxmlLoadFd(), mxmlLoadFile(), and mxmlLoadString() now correctly return NULL on error (Bug #323)
  • mxmlNewInteger(), mxmlNewOpaque(), mxmlNewReal(), mxmlNewText(), and mxmlNewTextf() incorrectly required a parent node (Bug #324)
  • Fixed an XML output bug in mxmldoc.
  • The "make install" target now uses the install command to set the proper permissions on UNIX/Linux/OSX.
  • Fixed a MingW/Cygwin compilation problem (Bug #320)


Michael Sweet May 19, 2005


I found that the way how the the initial ?xml element is handled in mxml
has changed between 2.1 to 2.2. In 2.1 the closing ?> was written by mxml and the ?xml tag was just  anormal tag supporting normal attributes. Actually, I preferred it this way. With 2.2, ?xml plus all attributes and the final ? have to live in the name of the tag. This can become quite long...

But this is not the real problem: I want my code to work with both 2.1 and 2.2. I can either have a ?xml element which works with 2.1 or 2.2.
I need to ifdef or check for this, otherwise I get invalid xml-files which mxml rightly refuses to read. Now, I have neither found a #define giving the version or (preferred) a API function which gives me the version. How am I supposed to decide which version of mxml I have?

Please respond by e-mail, I have to fix this urgently.

                Best Regards,

                Mark Koennecke

Michael Sweet May 20, 2005

Right now the best you can do is a configure test for the mxmlSetCustom function, e.g.:


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