Mini-XML 2.2.2 May 19, 2005

Mini-XML 2.2.2 is now available for download from:

Mini-XML 2.2.2 fixes a bug in the reading of custom data nodes.


Michael Sweet May 25, 2005

Any chance you could write up an example that parses a file with attributes and elements that contain text values (perhaps combining multiple text nodes into 1 string?).


Michael Sweet May 30, 2005

No need, you can pass the tar.gz file to rpmbuild just as easily, e.g.:

    rpmbuild -ta mxml-2.2.2.tar.gz

The .src.rpm file will just be bigger and less portable.

Michael Sweet May 30, 2005

You probably want to a) read the documentation and b) use the MXML_OPAQUE_CALLBACK to get all of your text as opaque character data instead of whitespace-separated text nodes.

Michael Sweet Dec 15, 2005

Excellent piece of work. Thanks for sharing!

Michael Sweet Mar 4, 2006

Hello, I have very little exprience with xml but I have managed to use your library successfully.

I was looking for an c xml library which can be used in solaris platform. I also needed the library to write xml data if I needed it. It had to be a small and independent library which did not depend on some other library other than standart c runtime. My last criteria was an easy to use api and documentation. I have found a couple of useful libraries but they seemed their development had ceased to end or missed a couple of important features. Finally  I run into mini-xml which fulfilled all my expectations.

So I thank you for that.

On the other hand, I belive, I might have not quite utilized the features it provides. I am going to ask some questions, which may sound silly so please bare with me:

First of all, is it a validating parser?. It catches the mistakes such as missing close tags etc. while loading the xml file but does it validate the file againts a DTD or schema?
Could please explaing more OPAQUE data type?
In my xml file, I have a lot of enumarations for almost for all tags.
For example vehicle_type can be one of land, sea, air, sub etc. To convert the strings that I read from the xml file to the corresponding enumaration value I do a lot of string comparison manually. You have given an example how to utilize the CUSTOM type. But honestly I could not I understood how to use it while parsing the file. You say it is global. How can I use this feature and let the library extract data and make the necessary convertions for different tags while parsing the file. I have defined a type callback, during loading this callback is called and the type of each tag is defined via this callback. I am eager to provide a callback for each tag but I can not see how I can do that. Can you give an more extended example?

I would like to thank you this great work again.


Michael Sweet Mar 17, 2006

Mini-XML is not currently a validating parser; it *does* enforce XML conformance, but not conformance to a particular DTD or schema.

I am working on validation support, but don't have a timeframe for when it will be available...

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