New development roadmap page Oct 17, 2004

We've put a new new development roadmap page on-line which dynamically tracks the development of HTMLDOC enhancements. It can be accessed via the Docs page or directly at the following URL:

Use this page to see how far along we are in the development of future HTMLDOC releases and where you can contribute towards the development of HTMLDOC.

Please use the Bugs & Features page to request new features. New Requests For Enhancement (RFEs) will be considered and those we accept will be assigned to a future feature release.

RFE completion is tracked dynamically, and once we have completed all pending RFEs, the new feature release will begin the release candidate process described in the HTMLDOC Configuration Management Plan.


Michael Sweet Oct 21, 2004

I have just started developing a php class based on the HTMLDoc system and was wondering when you plan on releasing v1.9?

Michael Sweet Oct 21, 2004

We're hoping to do it before the end of the year.

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