Mini-XML 2.7 Dec 21, 2011

Mini-XML 2.7 is now available for download from:

The new release fixes some memory leaks, adds accessor functions, and adds 64-bit configurations to the Visual C++ project files. Changes include:

  • Added 64-bit configurations to the VC++ project files (Bug #431)
  • Fixed conformance of mxmldoc's HTML and CSS output.
  • Added data accessor ("get") functions and made the mxml_node_t and mxml_index_t structures private but still available in the Mini-XML header to preserve source compatibility (Bug #420)
  • Updated the source headers to reference the Mini-XML license and its exceptions to the LGPL2 (Bug #410)
  • Fixed a memory leak when loading a badly-formed XML file (Bug #423)
  • Added a new mxmlFindPath() function to find the value node of a named element (Bug #412)
  • Building a static version of the library did not work on Windows (Bug #414)
  • The shared library did not include a destructor for the thread-specific data key on UNIX-based operating systems (Bug #405)
  • mxmlLoad... did not error out on XML with multiple root nodes (Bug #403)
  • Fixed an issue with the _mxml_vstrdupf function (Bug #409)
  • mxmlSave... no longer write all siblings of the passed node, just that node and its children (Bug #411)



Brad Apr 26, 2013

Hi Michael. Thanks for taking the time to put up and re-post your open source projects to this page since the other domain(s) are no longer active. Any ideas when the MiniXML documentation will be re-posted? Thanks in advance for your time.

Michael Sweet Apr 30, 2013

Documentation will be added as soon as I can get the page finished... :)

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