Newsd 1.44rc3 Available Nov 17, 2004

The third release candidate for Newsd 1.44 is now available for

download from:

Newsd 1.44rc3 fixes some packaging problems, fixed the date

header generation, implements automatic log rotation and logging

to a program, implements message ID lookups and automatic .info

file creation, and fixes a problem that would cause newsd to

incorrectly reuse deleted message IDs.

Newsd is a standalone local NNTP news server for private

newsgroup serving on a single server. It is useful for serving

private newsgroup(s) to an intranet or the Internet, and can act

as a simple mail gateway. However, it does not interface with

other news servers and cannot manage distributed news feeds,

i.e. Usenet news.

Changes in 1.44rc3:         

  • The makefile incorrectly tried to strip the script on installation (Bug #476)         
  • The generated date reported the wrong day of the week (off by 1 day)         
  • Added "-t" option to default sendmail command.         
  • Added "-d" option to run newsd in the foreground with full debugging to stderr.         
  • Added daemonization when running in the background: redirect stdio and call setsid().         
  • Changed default for "Listen" to "Listen nntp".         
  • Fixed getservbyname() error message.         
  • Small fixes to echo announcements in         
  • Added extra error checking for unknown args + conf commands         
  • You can now log to a program by starting the log file name with a pipe ("|" - Bug #472)         
  • Added MaxLogSize to newsd.conf and log rotation stuff (Bug #472)         
  • Implemented message lookups by message ID (Bug #468)         
  • The Server class no longer uses the "find" command to get a list of newsgroups (Bug #465)         
  • Group::Post() didn't start at the last message, so it could reuse deleted message IDs and cause the end ID to be incorrect (Bug #466).         
  • Group::BuildInfo() is now implemented so that it is no longer neccessary to create the .info file in the script (Bug #467)

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