Newsd 1.44rc4 Available Dec 7, 2004

The fourth release candidate for Newsd 1.44 is now available for

download from:

Newsd 1.44rc4 fixes some article parsing problems, renames some

configuration directives to be consistent with Apache, and fixes

a problem with the -mailgateway option.

Newsd is a standalone local NNTP news server for private

newsgroup serving on a single server. It is useful for serving

private newsgroup(s) to an intranet or the Internet, and can act

as a simple mail gateway. However, it does not interface with

other news servers and cannot manage distributed news feeds,

i.e. Usenet news.

Changes in 1.44rc4:         

  • Improved the 'HELP' command messages         
  • Article key/val parser now uses strspn()         
  • Added XOVER field sanitizer to prevent \t being mistaken as an xover field delimiter         
  • Converted Article class to use STL strings internally         
  • Fixed problem with multiline header parsing, cited RFC's         
  • Fixed bug w/first msg of new group not showing up: NewGroup() creates .info file via BuildInfo(), first msg starts msg count at 1         
  • Documented error handling for methods returning errors         
  • Added article start/end range checks to HEAD/BODY/ARTICLE/STAT, eg. '423 No Such Article In Group'         
  • Server class uses new Overview() method with string return type.         
  • Various important fixes to -mailgateway; removed redundant header loop (looks like a diff error crept in), missing \n at end of Errors-To:, and added error detection + debug output for popen()/pclose()         
  • Fixed NULL checks for char* oriented messageid/from         
  • Changed the NewsHostname and LogFile configuration directives to ServerName and ErrorLog, respectively to match Apache.


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