New Web Site Apr 23, 2013

Welcome to, the new combined home of all of my open source projects, photography, and documentation. The new site hosts all of the projects from,,, and, plus some new stuff I've done more recently.

This site is not yet 100% complete but needed to be put up because the server that hosted those sites is no longer functional.


Johan Henselmans Jun 21, 2013


I have used epm in the past, and have a 5.0 svn version in my archives that solved some of the problems with more modern versions. Where can I find the current svn version, or are you planning to put the stuff on github, bitbucket or whereever?
I noticed some people already have an epm github version, and it might be good to have the original version up and running, so that one could contribute in an easy way.

Michael Sweet Jun 28, 2013


EPM svn is being served up at:

Diane82 Jan 18, 2017

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Diane82 Jan 27, 2017

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