EPM 4.3 Sep 1, 2015

EPM 4.3 is now available for download from:


The new release fixes several issues on Linux and OS X and adds support for signed packages. Changes include:

  • Now use pkgbuild on newer versions of OS X, and added support for signed packages (Bug #497)
  • Fixed some file handling issues when creating RPM packages (Bug #523)
  • EPM now maps the x86_64 architecture to amd64 when creating Debian packages (Bug #295)
  • %format stopped working in EPM 4.2 (Bug #296)
  • %literal(spec) did not insert the literal content in the correct location (Bug #302)
  • Fixed some incorrect string handling (Bug #290)
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with RPM 4.8 (Bug #292)
  • Fixed a build dependency problem (Bug #291)
  • The EPM makefile now uses CPPFLAGS from the configure script (Bug #300)
  • Updated the standard path used by portable package scripts to include /usr/gnu/bin for Solaris (Bug #301)
  • Added support for %literal(control) in Debian packages (Bug #297)



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