HTMLDOC 1.8.29 Jan 3, 2016

HTMLDOC 1.8.29 is now available for download from:

HTMLDOC 1.8.29 fixes some known build and formatting issues, updates support libraries, and drops support for OpenSSL. Changes include:

  • Updated local PNG library to version 1.6.20.
  • Updated local JPEG library to version 9b.
  • Dropped support for OpenSSL.
  • Added configure script support for libjpeg-turbo.
  • Updated HTTP code to latest CUPS/ippsample sources.
  • Duplex PDF output incorrectly forced an even number of pages (Bug #525)
  • The table of contents showed the wrong page numbers after headings containing the _HD_OMIT_TOC attribute.
  • Fixed reported build issues (Bug #500, Bug #507, Bug #510, Bug #533)
  • The configure script's --enable-local* options did not work.



D Z Jun 2, 2016

Greetings, we are upgrading from version 1.9 with CSS support and were sad to see no CSS support in the Ubuntu distribution 1.8.27, is there a work around or can we download the 1.9 version for 64bit?

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