Mini-XML 2.10 Jun 13, 2016

Mini-XML 2.10 is now available for download from:

Mini-XML 2.10 fixes some stack overflow, XML, and API issues. Changes include:

  • The version number in mxml.h was wrong (Bug #532)
  • The mxml.spec file was out of date (Bug #521)
  • Mini-XML no longer allows malformed element names (Bug #509)
  • mxmlLoad* and mxmlSAXLoad* did not properly create text nodes when MXML_TEXT_CALLBACK was specified (Bug #531)
  • mxmlDelete used a recursive algorithm which could require large amounts of stack space depending on the file (Bug #549, CVE-2016-4570)
  • mxmlWrite* used a recursive algorithm which could require large amounts of stack space depending on the file (Bug #549, CVE-2016-4571)



felix.wu Aug 24, 2016

I found that, if my XML file doesn't have the first line "<?xml ...?>", then I cannot find any element. mxmlFindElement will return NULL.

my code is:
        fp = fopen("sim_cfg.xml", "r");
        tree = mxmlLoadFile(NULL, fp, MXML_TEXT_CALLBACK);
        pnode = mxmlFindElement(tree, tree, "sim", NULL, NULL, MXML_DESCEND);
sim_cfg.xml is:

smstong Sep 5, 2016

Some suggestions:
a) mxmlGetFirstChildElement() should be added to get the first Element node.
b) mxmlGetRootElement() should be added to get the Root Element of the XML file.
c) mxmlElementFristAttr() should be added to get all the 1st attribute of an element.
d) the result format of mxmlSaveFile() is not pretty, standard XML-fromat may be better.

davicezhu Nov 8, 2016

mxmlDelete function has some memory leak.
    if ((next = current->next) == NULL)
      mxml_node_t *temp = current->parent;
                                        /* Pointer to parent node */

      if (temp == node)
        * Got back to the top node...

        next = NULL;
                  next = temp;

Fernando Gámbaro Nov 22, 2016

I would like to tell me how I can integrate an xml with php

geng xin li Nov 25, 2016

Hi,Comment nodes are currently
stored in memory as special
elements. This will be changed in a
future major release of Mini-XML.

"future major release of Mini-XML" is Mini-XML 2.10?

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