HTMLDOC Development Progress Jun 1, 2005

Development of the next HTMLDOC feature release is now at the point where it can be tested and used on a limited basis. In order to make it easier for people to track the HTMLDOC development, we are now providing weekly snapshots of both the current stable release (1.8) and the next feature release (1.9).

The 1.8.x branch appears to have all critical bugs fixed, and we are working on the last few STRs that have been reported so that we can do a 1.8.25 release. This will hopefully be the last of the 1.8.x releases.

The 1.9.x branch is now largely functional; title pages and headings are currently not rendered properly, the index and list code is not yet integrated, UTF-8 is not yet turned on, and we still have a lot of the new rendering code to add (table background images, THEAD support, and text background support) so that we are handling the major CSS property values, however you should be able to play with the new software and get reasonable results.

If you run into problems with either branch, please use the Bugs & Features page to report them:



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